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Techjays AI development process diagram, showcasing our expertise in building and scaling AI solutions from concept to production.Ai keywordsTechjays AI development process diagram, showcasing our expertise in building and scaling AI solutions from concept to production.

Mastering The Art of GEN AI

Crafting scalable GEN AI systems for production environments is an expertise we've honed to perfection. As pioneers in developing GEN AI applications, our journey has equipped us with invaluable insights into the unique challenges and solutions within this fast-paced domain. Newcomers often find themselves navigating through pitfalls and dead ends, trying to transition from a successful prototype to a fully operational system—this is where our role becomes crucial. We've navigated the steep learning curve so you don't have to, ensuring a smooth path to launching your production-ready system.

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We seamlessly connect with all your essential data sources and knowledge repositories, including Salesforce, various databases, wikis, and document storage systems.

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Vector Storage

We transform the wealth of knowledge within your organization into vector embeddings, making it readily accessible to large language models (LLMs).

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Retrieval Augmented Generation

Leveraging cutting-edge RAG methodologies, we ensure that LLMs have access to bespoke knowledge while also mitigating the risk of generating inaccurate information. Our toolkit includes sophisticated retrieval strategies such as query expansion, rephrasing, embedding adapters, cross encoders, and more, to guarantee superior information retrieval.

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Prompt Chaining

Recognizing that straightforward prompting often falls short, we utilize advanced techniques like Chain of Thought, Tree of Thought, Self Consistency, Function Calling, and DSPs. Our approach involves the development of adaptable and efficient prompt pipelines.

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Operational Efficiency

We provide detailed insights into cost implications and facilitate data collection for both auditing and traceability. Post-deployment, we refine smaller models to optimize your operational expenses.

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Reliability and Performance

Our framework is designed to meet any SLA requirements you might have and ensure reliable performance, even in scenarios where critical third-party services are compromised.

AI Integration and Operation Excellence

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Custom Integrations
Internal Wiki
Document Stores
Analytics Tools
Custom APIs
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Prompt Engineering
Prompt Chaining
Agent Pipelines
Chain of Thought Prompting
Tree of Thought Prompting
Few Shot Prompting
Active Few Shot Prompting
Self Consistency
A cube
Advanced Retrieval
Chroma DB / Pinecone DB Integration
Query Expansion
Query Rephrasing
Cross Encoder Reranking
Embedding Adaptors
A book
Monitoring and Logging
Cost Optimization
Fine Tuning Smaller Models

Techjays Journals

With deep experience in actually designing and building AI production systems for businesses, we possess insider knowledge, experience, and previous case studies. Here we share our real-world insights into the most happening sector in today's tech world – AI and Data.

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