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8 Reasons Why Drupal is Best-Suited for Your Business

June 3, 2024

Aravind Krishna
Tech Lead

8 Reasons Why Drupal is Best Suited for your Business

The business environment is ever-changing, and as an AI services company we often need tools that can enable us to adapt and thrive amidst these changes and remain the best software development company. Drupal, a robust content management system (CMS), offers a host of out-of-the-box features that can help accelerate the online presence of your business.

With our extensive experience at Techjays, working with Drupal, we have multiple cases where we leveraged these capabilities to stretch the boundaries of our client’s business operations. As an open-source platform, Drupal allows us to alter the source code to better suit specific requirements, enabling unparalleled customization and flexibility. The community-driven development of Drupal helps us achieve functionalities using contributed modules that can cater to unique business needs.

Many governments, businesses, software and AI services companies and organizations, such as, Tesla, NASA, and NCAA websites, run on Drupal, which is a testament to its security. Drupal receives regular updates that enhance its security, and the community is constantly identifying and fixing vulnerabilities promptly.

We have developed a variety of sophisticated web solutions across different industries using Drupal which has certainly helped us in our journey to become the best software company. For a news agency, we built a comprehensive site that showcases various news articles in distinct columns, providing an organized and visually appealing layout. 

In the legal tech domain, we worked on an e-Discovery product designed to facilitate the retrieval and analysis of diverse data types, including geo-location information, social media chats, emails, transactions, and SMS messages, thereby enhancing legal investigations and data management.

Furthermore, we developed a robust training management product for a company, designed to meticulously track and manage the field training of their employees, ensuring efficient training oversight and administration.

Below are 8 reasons why we recommend Drupal for businesses, based on our hands-on experience:

1. Flexibility and Customization

In Content Management:

Drupal's robust CMS capabilities allow extensive customization of product pages, content types, and layouts. We created unique and engaging sites that could provide unparalleled experiences across multiple devices.

Modules and Extensions:

With thousands of modules available, we have extended and customized sites to meet specific business requirements without the need to develop functionalities from scratch. In cases where existing modules didn't fully meet our needs, we simply modified them to achieve the desired functionality.

Our Experience: Building a chat functionality

We built chat functionality by customizing an existing module to meet our specific requirements. This flexibility allowed us to achieve the required functionality in less time.

2. Scalability

Drupal handles high traffic and large volumes of content exceptionally well! As your business grows, Drupal can manage increased demands without compromising performance.

Our Experience: Working with large datasets of different types

We built a legal firm's website that needed to process various data types. Drupal's custom content types enabled us to create specific content types like evidence, computer records, and chat, enhancing the e-discovery experience.

Drupal’s in-built queue system helped us process terabytes of data with resilience. This system also allowed re-queuing in case of failures, which amply demonstrated Drupal's scalability.

3. Security

Drupal's strong focus on security makes it the optimum choice for business sites handling sensitive customer data and financial transactions. Regular security updates and a dedicated security team protects systems against potential vulnerabilities.

Our Experience: In keeping up with security threats

We have implemented flood control mechanisms in Drupal to shield our products from brute force attacks. Modules like 'socket' provided us with additional security features such as cross-site scripting protection, cross-site request forgery prevention, and strict transport security.

4. Integration Capabilities

Third-Party Services

Drupal integrates seamlessly with various third-party services such as payment gateways (e.g., PayPal, Stripe), CRM systems, analytics tools, and marketing automation platforms.


With robust API support, Drupal connects easily with external systems and services. We have used Drupal in a headless setup to act as a standalone backend server for various applications, serving them with API endpoints.

Our Experience: Leveraging Drupal’s API systems

Drupal’s API mechanism enabled us to host various content types for different applications within the same organization. This also allowed users to create data over APIs, processing sensitive information locally and only sharing necessary data.

5. Multilingual and Multi site Support

Global Reach

As far as a global AI services and software development company is concerned, Drupal's multilingual capabilities allow us to create a platform that caters to a global audience. It supports multiple languages, making content localization easier.


Drupal can run multiple sites on a single installation. This helps to serve various different websites for different regions based on the localized requirement. We have managed multiple sites from a single Drupal installation, for clients with multiple brands or regional sites.

Our Experience: Building a multi-site for music label

We created multiple sites for a music label, each catering to different artists. This helped in making the installation, deployment and maintenance to a single target serving multiple sites. The multilingual ability of Drupal enabled us to translate texts based on the region.

6. SEO and Marketing

Drupal's strong SEO capabilities have helped our clients rank well in search engine results. Modules for SEO, marketing automation, and social media integration support comprehensive digital marketing strategies.

Our Experience: Elevating the SEO game

Drupal’s in-built SEO capabilities allowed us to rank our clients' websites, such as those of music artists, at the top of search lists. The platform provides multiple tags for SEO configuration, reducing developer dependency and enabling content managers to easily customize metadata.

7. Community and Support

The active Drupal community offers extensive support through forums, documentation, and events. This community-driven approach ensures access to resources and expertise for building and maintaining websites.

Our Experience: 

We encountered errors during a PHP version upgrade for a Drupal installation, and the Drupal forum was instrumental in identifying and resolving the issues. This community support makes Drupal a confident choice.

8. Requirement-Specific Modules

There are several modules contributed by the Drupal community that address most business needs, reducing the hassle of developing functionality from scratch.

Our Experience: Contributed Drupal projects

We implemented two-factor authentication for customer login using contributed Drupal modules, significantly reducing development time and achieving the feature promptly.


What’s Next in Drupal is constantly evolving and in its latest iteration of Drupal 11 whose release is just around the corner. Drupal getting more features and improvements on performance and security. We are getting the ability to reuse content fields which will further improve the development durations. With the decoupled mechanisms the best of software companies will be able to use Drupal as a stand-alone backend server for various front end applications.

As far as an AI services company is concerned, by leveraging these strengths, Drupal can provide a powerful, comprehensive and flexible foundation for building successful business platforms, ready for future growth.

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