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Techjays' Story of an Aesthetic Refresh

May 8, 2024

Raqib Rasheed
Software Engineer

Colors can represent us. So can Shapes. So do images, concepts, and philosophies.

An idea can be a flag. A symbol. An essence – a bridge to the world.

When we decided to go for an aesthetic refresh, we were in search of colors, shapes, and symbols that represent us. Our new aesthetic assets embrace the philosophy of continued innovation and reliable support that take businesses to heights.

  •  The logo is reimagined with the jaybird in flight as the central icon.
  • Gilroy, our new typeface is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch held to represent futuristic circuitry and cutting edges.
  • The website redesign mainly aims at improving user experience and updating the visual style to include crisp photos, current typography, and unified branding components.

The Logo – A Bird and the Golden Number!

“It is probably fair to say that the Golden Ratio has inspired thinkers of all disciplines like no other number in the history of mathematics.”

— The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, the World's Most Astonishing Number

It may be the desire of many artists around the world to include the golden ratio in their works. Represented by the Greek symbol phi 𝜙 and also known as the golden number or the “divine proportion”, it is a constant with the numerical value 1.618…. It is defined to be the ratio of a regular pentagon's diagonal to its side and is a number seen in numerous arrangements and objects throughout nature.

Chiseled out by keeping the ratio, the new logo - a soaring bird - is formed by repeating the same shape thrice – one of it inverted.

It captures the Jaybird in flight, wings outstretched at a confident 60° positive angle. The wings seamlessly transform into futuristic circuitry, forming sleek, integrated patterns that symbolize the union of nature and innovation. The bird’s eye reflects a pixel, signifying pixel-level attention to detail and precision – for the focused eye, the sky is the limit!

The colors have been inspired by ‘Jay Bird’ blue -  a bird known for its intelligence and adaptability -  a seamless blend of the bird’s elegance and modern technology.

Clean but Strong “Sans” Serif

Sans serif typefaces without the strokes of the serif typefaces are often used to signify something clean, minimal, friendly, and modern. Of this, Gilroy is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch designed with powerful OpenType features.

Each letter was worked on separately such that the visual spacing for the letters was  equal. The uniformity is extended to work similarly on different platforms.

A New Place to Visit Us!

The primary motive of the website redesign was to improve the user experience. Updating the visual style to conform to contemporary design trends, with a sleek, modern design approach that includes crisp photos, current typography, and unified branding components was next. The jaybird's basic outlines served as inspiration for the refinement of the logo, which now has smoother lines and a more adaptable and scalable design and in turn inspired the ‘edges’ of the website too!

The content has been revised and reorganized to be more concise, engaging, and informative, helping users better understand the products, services, and value proposition. Backend optimizations have been implemented to improve website speed, load times, and overall performance, providing users with a seamless browsing experience. A page entirely dedicated to our unique approach to AI services - where we actually make production systems to help businesses, instead of just playthings and prototypes with AI. 

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