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Pest Control Redefined

Hawx-E Commerce is an innovative online solution revolutionizing the pest control service industry. Offering a comprehensive website for customers nationwide ensures a reliable, user-friendly platform for hassle-free pest control bookings. This custom-designed solution is pivotal for businesses, providing seamless online scheduling and cost-effective options for customers.

Hawx-E Commerce:
Transforming Pest Control

When Hawx-E Commerce approached Techjays, they envisioned a transformative online platform that would revolutionize the pest control service industry. Their goal was to create a seamless online booking system, allowing customers nationwide to effortlessly schedule pest control services. Hawx aimed for a user-friendly interface, cost-effective booking options, and efficient integration of various Hawx sites, including the official site, microsites, referral platforms, and e-commerce channels.

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Meeting tight deadlines and managing budget constraints posed common challenges. The pressure to deliver a high-quality product on time while adhering to budget limitations required effective time management. Additionally, addressing the increasing number of cyber threats and ensuring the security and privacy of data presented a significant challenge.


Techjays, driven by Hawx's vision, overcame challenges to deliver a transformative solution. The result is a user-friendly interface showcasing a variety of pest control services, an efficient online booking and scheduling system, and a secure payment gateway. The platform seamlessly integrates various Hawx sites, providing a holistic solution for pest control businesses. Despite the complexities, Techjays ensured a responsive, secure, and reliable online platform that met Hawx's aspirations for a revolutionary pest control service website.

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Key Features

Comprehensive Pest Control Plans

Presenting an extensive array of plans and add-ons meticulously designed for each pest, our platform ensures that customers have a comprehensive suite of options to address their specific pest control needs.

Effortless Online Booking Experience

Facilitating a seamless experience for our customers, our platform empowers them to effortlessly book pest control services and conveniently schedule appointments online, providing a hassle-free solution at their fingertips.

Secure Payment Gateway

Prioritizing the security of our customers' financial transactions, our platform integrates a robust and secure payment gateway, offering peace of mind throughout the entire process and ensuring a trustworthy and reliable service.

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User-Friendly Interface for Seamless Navigation

Our platform boasts an intuitive design, ensuring a user-friendly interface that guarantees a seamless navigation experience. We prioritize ease of use to enhance every user's journey.

Customer Reviews Platform for Valuable Feedback

We value customer opinions, and our platform provides a dedicated space for users to leave insightful feedback on the services they've purchased. This fosters transparency and trust within our community.

Mobile Responsiveness for Universal Access

Recognizing the diverse ways users access our platform, we've prioritized mobile responsiveness. This ensures that whether on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, users can enjoy the same high-quality experience, making our services accessible to all.

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