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Healthcare Scheduling Software Solutions

PepCare is a revolutionary web platform designed for dental practitioners. This healthcare solution streamlines appointment scheduling, referrals, and virtual consultations, enhancing efficiency and patient care within and beyond practitioners' networks.

Transforming Dental Practices

When PepCare engaged Techjays, their vision was clear: modernize dental practices with a user-centric platform. The objective was to create a seamless solution that simplifies administrative tasks, facilitates virtual consultations, and expands the network of dental practitioners.

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Meeting tight deadlines and managing budget constraints posed common challenges. The pressure to deliver a high-quality product on time while adhering to budget limitations required effective time management. Additionally, addressing the increasing number of cyber threats and ensuring the security and privacy of data presented a significant challenge.


The initial project timeline included six sprints to create a well-rounded MVP that incorporated all the initial goals and functionality. During the development, however, the need to include additional features such as HIPAA compliance required us to add a 7th and 8th sprint to get PepCare from an MVP to an MSP (minimum sellable product). The first resource was a product manager, who worked closely with Bryon to translate his ideas into the scope of work, user story, and business requirements necessary to begin the design and development phases. After four weeks, Bryon and his sourced development team made a full-blown feature review story and documents necessary for a fully functional prototype design.

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In crafting PepCare's brand identity, we conducted a meticulous process that seamlessly blended creativity and strategic vision. Our approach involved in-depth market analysis, defining brand values, and curating design elements that resonate with PepCare's commitment to excellence, resulting in a distinctive and memorable brand presence.

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Key Features

For Doctors/Staff

Efficient scheduling of appointments and referrals.
Seamless virtual consultations within and outside the network.

For Patients

The choice between traditional and virtual consultations.
Direct communication with doctors via chat.
Access to educational documents and videos in their Patient Vault.

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